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Why go green?

Choosing more sustainable and environmentally friendly lab equipment is a priority, not just for cost savings, but also for your own work community to promote ‘green’ conscious practices that help safeguard our environment. While some waste and consumption are unavoidable, working with a Peak gas generator in your lab can be the small change that makes the big difference for our planet.

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Buy a generator, plant a tree

As part of our continued efforts towards a more sustainable future from the 1st of April for every Peak gas generator sold we will plant a tree through our tree planting partner Eforests. Enter your serial number below, select from the droplist to get your certificate number and click “Check my tree” to be taken to the Eforests site,  your unique tree certificate will already be prepopulated for you.

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Cylinder Delivery Vans
Cylinder Delivery Vans
Cylinder Delivery Vans
Cylinder Delivery Vans
Cylinder Delivery Vans

No repeated deliveries

Once a Peak gas generator makes it to your lab, it will stay in your lab. Unlike gas supplied via pressurized cylinders or dewars with recurring transportation for multiple deliveries, you can reduce your lab’s overall carbon footprint with a Peak gas generator, only requiring a one-time delivery for installation. Labs requiring 32 L/min of nitrogen for 5 days a week for 8 hours a day for their LC-MS instrument can save on approximately 450 cylinders requiring delivery per year with a nitrogen generator. Labs requiring helium gas for their GC instrument to meet 1LPM demand for a lab operating 12 hours per day, 23 days per month can save on 24 cylinders requiring delivery per year with a hydrogen generator.

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Getting rid of gas waste

One of the main reasons why a gas generator is more sustainable than bulk gas supply is because the amount of gas produced will match your instrument need. This means gas which was paid for will not go unused due to differential pressure. You also won’t need to be concerned about cylinder contaminants that may interfere with your gas purity. Instead, with a gas generator, your gas will be generated on-demand with consistent levels of purity for the best results without any waste.

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Genius XE 35 Generator

Using renewable resources

A Peak gas generator uses renewable resources to produce the gas required for your analysis. Unlike gas cylinders, where gases – such as helium or nitrogen – are extracted through energy-intensive processes, a gas generator produces nitrogen from air and hydrogen from de-ionized water – two renewable resources free from the energy consumption required in industrial gas manufacture, and therefore more sustainable long-term.

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Reducing Carbon Footprint

We are aware of the impact that lab equipment can have on the environment and we recognize that we have a responsibility for our actions, that’s why we continuously work towards creating a more sustainable future. Following the result of a recent comparison study carried out against two competitor generators, we are proud to state that Peak’s Genius XE & Genius SQ 24 nitrogen generators consume less energy and produce less carbon emissions (kgCO2e). At both full flow operation (24 hours per day, 7 days per week) and under typical usage (5 days per week, 12hrs per day), Peak’s generators produced 20% less carbon emissions, making Peak’s gas generators the more environmentally friendly choice for your lab.

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Generator Power rating (Watts) Energy consumed at full flow (24h) Energy consumed at full flow (12h) Energy consumed at full flow for one week (5 day week, 12h/day) Energy consumed at full flow for one month (5 day week, 12h/day)
Competitor generator 1 1251.9 11 kgCO2e 5 kgCO2e 25 kgCO2e 100 kgCO2e
Competitor generator 2 1190.91 10 kgCO2e 5 kgCO2e 25 kgCO2e 100 kgCO2e
Genius XE 35 1052.88 9 kgCO2e 4 kgCO2e 20 kgCO2e 80 kgCO2e
Genius SQ 24 920.2 8 kgCO2e 4 kgCO2e 20 kgCO2e 80 kgCO2e

We also employ green practices within our manufacturing processes and offices

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We use sustainable packaging and parts for our generators
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We have strict waste prevention measures
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We discourage use of disposable plastics and encourage recycling

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